About Us

AJH is a Journal to cater to the needs of the academicians for giving them an online platform to share their researches worldwide. AJH has been founded in the year of March 2013. Since its inception AJH has been marking its name in the fraternity of scholars across the world. The international editorial board makes it more qualitative in nature. We are helping students , researchers and teachers to share their valuable work with the world.


Prof. Cheryl Stobie,Department of English, University of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

Prof. Bedjaoui Fewzia, Head, British Literature and Civilization, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Djillali Liabes University of Algeria

Jean Philip Imbert, Lecturer, Comparative Literature, Dublin City University, Ireland

Rosalind Buckton-Tucker , Assistant Professor , English , College of Arts & Sciences , American University of Kuwait

Prof. Michael M Van Wyk , PhD , South Africa

Dr. Bir Singh Yadav, Associate Professor ,  Department of English  , Central University of Haryana, India

Dr. Sanjiv Kumar, Associate Professor , Department of English, Central University of Haryana, India

Roya Yaghoubi , PhD, Lecturer, Islamic Azad University , Iran

Dr Malini Ganapathy, School of Languages, Literacies and Translation, Universiti Sains, Malaysia

Prof. Dalia El-Shayal , Ph.D., English Department , Faculty of Arts Cairo University , Egypt

Rosle Awang , Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia

Takehito Kamata , M.P.A. , University of Minnesota , USA

Ms Rekha Garg ,  Assistant Professor, School of Engineering & Technology, Department of English,  Central University of Haryana India